Professional Benefit AuctioneerEvery nonprofit knows that it’s as important to save money as it is to make money. So, why spend money on a professional benefit auctioneer when you can get a volunteer to do it for free? The answer, put simply, is: your bottom line. While it may be tempting to bring in the local news reporter or a Board member for free, these options will affect your bottom line greatly — and not in the good way! You’ll save some money up front, of course, but your bottom line revenue may suffer greatly. It feels good to save on vendor costs, but not if it costs you tens of thousands in auction revenue.

Hiring a professional benefit auctioneer is an investment.

Your auctioneer is the one person in the room that night whose sole job is to make you money. If you think of your fundraiser as a business that’s only open one day out of the year, everything depends on the person who is bringing in the money! Professional charity auctioneers are a well-networked group who share knowledge with each other extensively. Through annual conventions and online forums, we continually trade the latest ideas for raising more money at your auctions. Since 2007, Andrew Bost Benefit Auctions has raised for new clients an average of 109% more than the previous year’s auctioneer. Your bottom line is what we’re all about.