How To Find A Celebrity Auctioneer?

You May Ask Yourself, Do I Need A Celebrity Auctioneer?

Finding a celebrity auctioneer for your benefit auction is tricky business. You want someone with a great stage personality, someone who will build rapport with your bidders. You want a glowing stage presence, someone who can clearly communicate the mission of your organization.

Consider that your perfect celebrity auctioneer may not be a celebrity at all! What if the person in charge of raising money for you had all those traits you want, plus many others that no celebrity has?

Instead of using a celebrity auctioneer, bring in a professional Benefit Auctioneer Specialist like Andrew Bost.

BAS Certified Auctioneer ARE Celebrities!

A Benefit Auctioneer Specialist, so designated by the National Auctioneers Association, brings a lot to the table that no volunteer celebrity auctioneer can offer. It’s all about experience. A full-time fundraising auctioneer has the latest knowledge of the charity auction industry trends that will benefit you and your organization. A BAS designee will suggest fun revenue-generating games that will excite your bidders and make you money. He or she will have a team of Professional Ringmen to help spot bids, so that your event runs smoothly, and together they’ll know how to handle even the most challenging of situations that can come up in a charity auction. A good Benefit Auctioneer Specialist will include consultation in their services, to ensure that you have a solid plan going into auction night. Will a celebrity do all that?

It’s Your Choice, But Remember Your Bottom Line

While a celebrity auctioneer may agree to call your auction for free, how much does it wind up costing your bottom line? If you save a bit of expenses on the auctioneer fee, but it costs you many times that amount inbids and donations, was the celebrity auctioneer worth it?

Above all, ask yourself if your favorite celebrity has a proven track record of breaking fundraising auction records? At Andrew Bost Benefit Auctions, our average increase in first-year revenue increase is 109% – that’s more than double the previous year’s revenue! Is your nonprofit ready to double its revenue?