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Charity Auctions & Auctioneering

Thinking of organizing a fundraiser for your non-profit? Andrew Bost, professional benefit auctioneer specialist, provides answers to some of your frequently asked questions. Andrew Bost is a local, Austin auctioneer, with a history of record-breaking charity auctions, and has assisted a variety of charities in organizing successful events. If you want to learn more about why to hire a professional auctioneer, or charity auctioneer fees, Andrew Bost will gladly answer your questions during a free consultation!

Andrew Bost - Texas Benefit AuctioneerWhat is BAS?

Why hire a professional benefit auctioneer?

What do Benefit Auctioneers Charge?

Volunteer Bid Spotter or a Professional Ringman?

Should We Use Mobile Bidding For Paddles Up?